Posted by: carolannwilliams | October 23, 2009

Outline? Not necessarily

I just finished watching Tina Brown’s interview with Philip Roth on Discussing his writing process, Brown asks Roth if he writes a first “vomit draft.” He chuckles at the phrase and concurs that yes, he writes a first vomit draft and sometimes several more. “I want to get the story down and I want to know what happens. I write my way into my knowledge of the story.”

So, there you go, another way to do it. Of course Roth is the reigning master of the American novel and I feel pretty certain that he’s not writing his way into the correct structure of the book, but rather into his own understanding of what his story has to say about what it means to be human. But maybe a vomit draft will work for you. For me, I’ll keep plugging away at my middle grade outline.

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