Hello, everyone, and welcome! This blog (brand new) will be a little bit about me and a lot about writing. I’ve been a writer all my life. Even before I was actually writing I was a writer. How can that be? you ask. Well, to be a writer you must be a reader, and from the start I read (or heard) with the ears of a writer. The sound, the flow, the music. . . ahh . . . Not to mention the characters, the dialogue, the setting, the action. I took it all in. There’s just nothing like a good story well told! And when I was ten years old and the teacher gave an assignment to write a story, I was off and running. I haven’t stopped since.

I’ve also been a teacher much of my life. After graduating from The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars with an M.A. in poetry, I taught high school for two years. From there I moved on to college teaching, which ultimately led me back to the Writing Seminars as a professor. I now live in Princeton, NJ where I manage a lively household, write, edit and tutor. You can go to my website, authorcarolannwilliams.com, for information about me, my books, and my online editing and tutoring services.

In the meantime, check out my writing tips!

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